Never Use Floating-Point / Double Data types for Money Calculations!
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Last Updated on March 13, 2022 by Deya Eldeen

Floating point values, or even (Double precision floating point format), should be avoided when using a currency amount with fractions (like Dollars and cents), in its nature, it cannot be stored exactly as is in memory.

Say we want to store 0.1 dollars, any floating-point data type can not store it as is, it get’s stored as an approximation (0.10000000149….).

When doing a series of math operations, some problem can rise, that is called (loss of significance), the errors can be amplified and cause trouble 🧐.

the solution is simple, use NSNumber

let myBalance = 12.333
let decimal: Decimal = NSNumber(floatLiteral: 12.333).decimalValue
let result = decimal / 3

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