Easily Tiling Images in interface builder, without code !
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Last Updated on March 13, 2022 by Deya Eldeen

images, with and without tiling

Tiling images in interface builder directly without code is easy…

1- add an image into assets catalogue.
2- select the asset, go to “editor” menu, then choose “Show Slicing”.
3- the asset image will show up as darker, with a button labeled “Start Slicing”, and you will be able to select the slicing type.

4- select how you want the image tiled, in normal cases you will have the setup like this, zeroed Left, Right, Top and Bottom, and the Width & Height as the image dimensions.

5- for tilability, the image content mode should be fill, not fit.

Keep experimenting, and go wild with your Imagination, sample of playing with small tilable images I have..

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